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Dream Cruises FAQ

Start Your Dream Holiday with Dream Cruise

Aims to redefine vacation travel with a transformational journey at sea. Their two mega-cruise ships, Genting Dream and World Dream, are vessels designed for your dreams – featuring the comfort of authentic Asian hospitality combined with only the finest experiences from around the world.

Dream Cruises FAQ’s:

Reservation related

Q: Any age limitation / condition limitation?

The minimum age onboard is 6-months. To remind the senior passengers better travel with accompany (families) and ensure the status.

Any guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian. We do not offer any Guardian Consent Form for those who are not travelling with parents/ legal guardian.

Permitted to board if pregnant for 24 weeks or less on day of disembarkation.

Q: What is the policy for school groups or minors under 18 years travelling together?

One adult / guardian/ teacher 18 years+ can escort up to 3 children (minors) under 18 years with the authorization from their parents and/or certified caregiver. At least one adult 18 years+ must be in each stateroom.

Pre-cruise questions

Q: What is the check in & check out procedure?

Check-in and boarding times depend on ship schedule. Please refer to your cruise tickets which will highlight boarding/check-in times.

Guests are required to present their cruise tickets at check-in counter to obtain their stateroom key card.

It is not mandatory for guests to provide credit card/debit card or cash deposit to establish their onboard account. However, pre- authorization will facilitate faster Express check-out and final settlement of your account on the last day of your cruise.

Alternatively you may approach reception to settle your account.

Once you have settled your stateroom account you may collect your passport & disembark.

The Palace guests can enjoy their priority check-in, priority embarkation and disembarkation.

Disembarkation will only commence after ship clearance is obtained from local Authorities.

Q: What is the process for Online check-in or pre-registration? Will guests have a separate line for those who did their Online check-in?

Online check-in is not available at the moment (TBA).


For your comfort, guests are advised to travel light. Each person is allowed to bring along up to two pieces of personal luggage onboard, with a maximum weight of 23kg (50 pounds). Luggage check-in will be available at the check-in counter.

However, open bags, plastic bags and any fragile items in luggage are not encouraged to be checked in. All important medicine or important document must not be placed in checked in luggage as it might take time for your luggage to be delivered to your Stateroom. It is advised to check with the airline for baggage policy if you are travelling by air.

Q: What should I wear?

Smart casual is encouraged at all Food and Beverage outlets at all times. Shorts and slippers are allowed in open pool decks and Lido only. Do remember to bring along appropriate attire for the pool, spa and gym if you wish to use the facilities.

Q: Can I bring my pets onboard?

For the convenience of other guests and in an effort to help us provide the cleanest and most sanitary accommodations possible, pets of any size are not permitted on the vessel.

On board experience

Q: Is every stateroom equipped with China-standard sockets?

Each stateroom will have 2 Chinese 3-pin sockets and remaining will be HKG sockets (UK). All staterooms have USB sockets on each side of the main bed.

Q: Do we have Wi-Fi? What would be the cost?

Yes, we have Wi-Fi and chargeable.

Q: What will be the mode of payment onboard?

Genting Dream: Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Union Pay International – UPI, Diners, JCB or American Express), debit cards (Visa, Master Card or Union Pay International – UPI), EWallets (Alipay CN, Apple, Android or Samsung), cash (SGD or foreign currencies) and Genting Points.

World Dream: Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Union Pay International – UPI, JCB or American Express), debit cards (EPS, Octopus, Visa, Master Card or Union Pay International – UPI), EWallets (Alipay CN & HK, Apple, Android, Samsung or Wechat CN), cash (HKD or foreign currencies) and Genting Points.

Q: Can I withdraw cash at Front Counter/Reception or at a ATM onboard?

Front Office/Reception offers a currency exchange service. There are no ATM’s onboard.

Q: Can I make request for certain dietary needs (Allergies, gluten free food, Jain, Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, also Indian Vegetarian, etc) Is it complimentary? If otherwise, what would be the cost?

Yes. Additional cost may apply.

Q: Does Dream Cruises provide complimentary birthday cake?

Yes, guests with birthday within the cruise (including disembarkation day) are entitled.

Q: Is there any outlet seating arrangement? (1st/2nd/Free seating)?

It is free seating for inclusive outlets. Reservations are required for specialty outlets.

Q: Are there any restrictions on dining in inclusive restaurants?

Guests enjoy complimentary first serving in any inclusive restaurant; additional servings in inclusive restaurants during the same meal period are chargeable.

Q: Is it safe to drink water from the Stateroom’s tap?

Yes tap water in stateroom is drinkable.

Q: Does Dream Cruises allow smoking in staterooms?

Smoking is not permitted in staterooms. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

Q: Is there a safe in all staterooms?


Q: Is Entertainment complimentary?

Yes, all main shows in Zodiac theatre and most of the general entertainment around the ship is complementary. Silk Road cover charges apply. Additional charges may apply to special events or performances from time to time.

Q: How will I know the daily activities onboard?

There will be a daily ship newsletter delivered to your stateroom detailing all activities. This will also display on your stateroom TV.

Teenagers & Children

Q: Is a baby crib available? If yes, what kind of crib is available for selection?

We have Pack n Play cribs (size: L40” x W 28.5” x H 29”) and regular wooden cribs (size: L40” x W25.5” x H38.5). Yes, a baby crib will be provided on request.

Q: Is there a kids club? Is it complementary?

Yes, Little Panda kids club is complementary and available for children 2 to 12 years.

Q: Is babysitting service available?

Yes, available at additional charge for children 1 to 12 years. Will be charged on a per hour per child with the maximum of 2 children in a stateroom.

Safety and Health

Q: What if I am sick?

If you need medical assistance onboard, you may call the ship’s doctor or the Reception. There will be a charges for medical services rendered.

Guests are advised to bring their own medical equipment if necessary (e.g., Nebulizer, C-pap, Bi-pap, medicine, oxygen, etc.). You must check with our doctor before sailing to see if the equipment is allowed onboard.

In case of any emergency, helicopter assistance can be provided to transport guests to the nearest hospital.


Q: What kinds of facilities for disability are available?

For our guests with disabilities, please contact Reception for the facilities below.
– Wheelchair and wheelchair accessible Staterooms are available.
– Shower seats and booster toilet seats are available upon request.

Q: Do we have wheelchairs?

Yes, we will have wheelchairs available on request. Should guests require wheelchair use on a permanent basis they should bring their own. Wheelchair users should be reminded to request an accessible stateroom.

Post-Cruise Questions

Q: What’s the procedure to settle bill and get back the travel document?

Once you have settled your stateroom account, you can then collect your travel document.


Disembarkation will only commence right after ship clearance is obtained from local Authorities

Q: Does Dream Cruises offer early disembarkation/ easy walk-off?

Suites guests will have priority disembarkation arrangement. But it is still subject to immigration procedure.


Information is correct at time of printing. Dream Cruises reserves the right to cancel and/ or substitute any information or any scheduled port of call/itinerary/price/programme at any time and for any reason whatsoever without notice.

Cruises specified herein are governed by Dream Cruises’ Terms and Conditions, which form part of the passage contract and can be found at